Apartment Bathroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Your apartment bathroom should be your personal oasis – a safe and relaxing haven where you can unwind after a long, busy day. However, if this important space lacks beauty and style, it can be a real downer. The good news is that with a little creativity, you can make your bathroom look more attractive and modern even if you are cash constrained.

Here are 5 apartment decorating ideas on a budget to get you started:

Apartment Bathroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget (3)

  • Lighten Up

Even the greatest looking bathroom can feel depressing and dull when the lighting is not right. Ensuring your windows are open during the day is a good way to optimize natural lighting in your bathroom and allow free circulation of air. You may also want to consider replacing your thick curtains with some that allow in natural light and retain your privacy at the same time. At night, light a few candles next to your tub to create a relaxing atmosphere as you take your bath.

  • Add Bold And Vibrant Colors

You can also give your dull apartment bathroom some energy by adding accessories such as shower curtains and towels in bold, vibrant colors. Feel free to choose any of these items in your favorite colors to make this important space personal. In addition, hanging a few artworks of your choice can also bring the much needed style to this space. Just make sure that what you select complements the colors you already have and is moisture-resistant (since bathrooms are moist most times of the day).

  • Apartment Bathroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget (2)Add A Large, Beautiful Mirror

Another way to instantly transform how your bathroom looks and feels is by adding a large, beautiful mirror. Go with a decorative mirror with a unique frame for instance, a tiled frame or seashell encrusted frame. This will not only help to optimize lighting, but also add style, texture and interest to that important space.

  • Create More Space With Attractive Storage Systems

Since your landlord may not allow you to install storage shelves on the walls, consider adding floating shelves where you can neatly arrange all your accessories (like toiletries, soaps etc.). This will de-clutter your bathroom and make it look more spacious and neat.

  • Add DecalsApartment Bathroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget (1)

Lastly, you can beautify your apartment bathroom by hanging decals on the walls. These gems are inexpensive and simple to install and remove. They are also available in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes, so getting what you like should be easy. Try hanging them in groups in any shape you love and see how much difference they’ll make.

All of the above ideas are easy and budget-friendly to implement, so do your part and create the modern, stylish and relaxing bathroom that you’ll be proud of.