How to choose a good letting agency


With increased urbanization more and more residential houses have been built to satisfy the demand for housing. Most people want to have suitable housing to be in a position to live comfortably. This is why most landlords have the responsibility to build houses which are satisfying to their clients. However, handling tenants and the can be very hectic and overwhelming.
For this reason, you may end up not taking care of the residential property in case you have another side hassle other than managing your property. Most Landlords wandted in Leicester who have hired have had tremendous result after hiring letting agents. If you are a landlord, we recommend you hire a letting agency so that they can assist you with management. There are several letting agencies out there and choosing one can be stressful. In this article, we give you criteria that you will use to successfully get a good letting agency.

Consider the location of the agent

It will be unrealistic to hire a letting agent that is located far from the place where your house is located. Whengfvvd looking for a letting agent, you should find one who is located near your residential houses. The proximity will allow the agent to sort even issues of the tenants up to late. A letting agency that is near the residential houses you wish to manage will in a position to observe some tenants who are not following the rules and disturbing fellow tenants.

Should belong to a professional body

refdxSome landlords tend to forget about this aspect when they are looking for a letting agent. It is crucial that you hire a letting agent who has been registered to a given professional body. Belonging to a professional body will ensure the agent offers quality services because poor services may lead to termination of the license. Professional bodies are responsible for ensuring their members are responsible and do their work according to the code of conduct.

Choose a service level

Letting agents will offer their services in three types. Some agents will tenant find and rent collection services. This implies that the agent will be in charge of finding tenants and also a collection of rent and all other issues will be dealt with by you. Similar some agents will offer tent find services only, meaning they will be searching for tenants for your residential house. However, for other tasks involved you will take responsibility. On the other hand, some agents offer full management of your property. They will search for tenants, collect rent and manage all the other tasks. It is advisable you choose the full management agents if you are less experienced.